Making a case…

with comics.

There is a “comic” called ‘a softer world’

Three panels of photographs with pasted in typewriter text.
I adore it. And in return it continues to exist.

“I don’t hate marriage or love or monogamy. I just like to have sex. I don’t under stand why you’re so confused. Here, let me show you.”
~a softer world 479

“Ah, love at first sight. When you see someone so beautiful that you forget they aren’t there just for you.”
~ a softer world 430

“I love you, but I don’t love you enough to give up falling in love.”
~ a softer world 486

“Maybe I did steal your heart and am such a perfect criminal that you never even noticed.”
~ a softer world 481

Before we met I was so scared of dying. But if the end comes today, this will have been enough.”
~ a softer world 400

“I can be happy alone, sure. I can be happy without ice cream, too. If we’re being hypothetical.”
~ a softer world 379

“When you are feeling low, I will be there to feel you up.”
~ a softer world 373

“I think you are beautiful and I would like to kiss you. I can think up some clever lines, if you prefer. But I wanted to say that, first.”
~ a softer world 319

23a softer world4



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