Woodchuck, Spicie Duck Bean Soup & Thou…

This does not mean I’m changing my new kittie’s name for a fifth time.  Who ever heard of a kittie named Thou anyway.  But she makes a difference, Sunnie does.  Sitting on my Cloud snuggled up to my thigh purring like a tinie motor.Sunnie

I live by myself and mostlie this is ok.  When I get too lonelie I can always turn on the TV or open the door to the balconie and listen to the world hum 21 stories down.  But Sunnie is almost like another person.  She growls at the pigeons on my balconie and chases relentlesslie after things that jingle.  She startles at every new sound and sets off to investigate.  She chases me around and buts her head against my ankles if I’ve been up and about to much ignoring her and when she’s tired she finds me and snuggles up as close as kittenlie possible and settles in to purr.

Today is tuesday, so classes are over and Lauren left to go back to Jersey.  Timmie is the whole rest of the week away.  So it’s just me and Sunnie, and the Spicie Duck Bean Soup and Woodchuck of course.

Recipe for Spicie Duck Bean Soup

1 duck leg and thigh (leftover from the London Grill) Shredded
1 c. apple cider
1 sprig rosemary (stolen from the Whole Foods [21st & Pennsylvania Avish]) Chopped
1 half can black beans (left over from fish tacos)
1/2 c. spicie pepper noodles (left over from steak dinner with timmie)
2 T. Flour

put duck, cider and rosemary into small pot simmer. When reduced add water.  Rinse black beans and add.  Mix flour with small amount of water add as needed to thicken.  dump in spicie pepper noodles and simmer.  Add water to desired thinness

Recipe for spicie pepper noodles

Olive Oil
Vinegar (balsamic or red wine)
Red Wine
Roasted Red Peppers
Tobasco Chipotle Hot Sauce
Boiled Noodles

add oil vinegar, wine, peppers and hot sauce in food processor.  process til soupie or chunkie (think pesto).  Coat noodles with mixture.

The broth could be a little more flavorful and I don’t know how I feel about the beans but it’s not bad and Sunnie seems to want some.

So after dinner, maybe a little Twisted Metal before bed.  And then… good night to you o internets.


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