The Ladie.

It’s a title that to me is more important than any other.  They call the president’s wife the first ladie, but she doesn’t need to be the first because she’s the only.  She is The Ladie.

She’s strong and brave and intelligent.  She’s all those shining adjectives that people so often associate with heroes.  I associate heroes with her.  Not only is there nothing that she can’t do, there’s nothing that I can’t do because of her.  Everything I know of any importance, I know because she taught me.  She taught me to read and any math at all that I can do, I can do because she showed me how.  She taught me to plumb and to lay tile.  How to jump a car and change a tire.  And it’s important that she taught me HOW to do these things yes, but she also gave me that unshakable confidence.  There was never any question of weather I was capable of it.

And if you ask her she’ll prollie say the thing in her life that she’s most proud of is her children, but in my mind the thing in her life she has to be the most proud of is herself.  My Ladie works hard… at everything.  She believes in doing your best, not just in TRYING to do your best (even though she does think that’s important), but in the actual doing.  She could say that she taught us how to be good, but she didn’t.  She showed us.  And any good that I have, I have because she gave it to me.

And maybe I’m not the best student, but the scholarlie abilities of the student say nothing of the excellence of the teacher.  And I know that it’s sillie to write these things, because you will think, O she HAD to say that, but you don’t.  And she taught me that too.  You should be honest.  Honest to a fault.  You should tell the truth and a compliment never has to be a lie.  And when I saw the opening scene of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy and asked my self where his harness was, I thought of my mother.  And when I see people asking questions and then not looking for answers.  I think of how she is always right with me in finding things out.

I’d love to say that the unsquashable curiousitie that makes up so much of who I am is all my own, but it’s not.  When the Ladie wants to know something she finds out.

The best and most applicable thing I ever heard said about her was said by someone else, but to me it’s still what I think of first.  “She’s the most capable person I know.”

And I hope someday that someone will say about me what gets said of daughters everywhere.  “You’re becoming your mother.”
What’s so terrible about that?

Happie Birthday Ladie Love!

About SleepieBear

Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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