It’s a word that I feel would most accurately describe the fuzzie blanket I slept with from birth until age sixteen.  On my sixteenth birthday I recieved a new fuzzie blanket.  It doesn’t hold quite the special place in my heart that the other does, but it’s in much better shape.

My fuzzieblanket is careworn.  Worn thin and shreded by the continuous and fierce love of a child.  soaked my tears or blood and ravaged by dragging and holding and travel.  It was not savaged by hatred or anger, but simply worn thin by too much love.

And I geuss it demonstrates the point that care is a double edged sword… and both sides cut.

If we care to much things can be smothered… as a fire is crushed by unceasing attention, or as people remain children with too much care. (an inability to do laundry, because it was done for you… a fear of using knives because you were never permitted)  Too much care can be a danger.

But what of the careless?  People with so little thought as to how their lives impact those around them that they can break and damage and mutilate the world without a thought or sorrow for the harms that they’ve inflicted.  Are they not just as dangerous?  A fire left unattented can burn out or burn down.

The motto of nursing is “Dare to Care” a clever cliche little motto that both rhymes and catches the imagination.  It is easy to see why caring is daring.  The danger is inherent.  Care is the cause of brokenhearts, but at the same time so is carelessness.

But the motto is also misleading… to a point.  You learn in nursing about the sarcasm… and there’s a lot of it in the nurses who get there.  About the harshness of nurses who’ve been there too long.  It’s a nurses job to tend to the hurts of hundreds.  To witness the aches of the multitude.  And these things are important.  You want someone to bring you soup when you are sick.  To notice when you’re hurting.  It is in people to want these things.  To be noticed and watched over.  And it is what a nurse does.

But at the same time, I would say that if you care too much then you will be broken by the hurts and worries of the world, and if you care too little you will make those hurts and worries worse.  And I would say that nursing school is hard.  That the classes are long and the the material is neverending.  That clinicals are stressful.

But I would say the hard part of nursing isn’t the education, it’s the thing you have to learn about people.  When to touch and when to simply stand by.  When to speak and when to listen.  When to care and when caring would be too much to bear.  And I think some people are born to it and some pick it up but it’s always a struggle.

It’s easy to say that you treat a lost limb with cleanliness, rest and fluids but it’s difficult to say exactly how you treat someone who has lost a limb.


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