Where is East River Drive?

There was an East River Drive… once upon a time.  But now it’s called Kelly Drive.  Named after John B. Kelly Jr., a four time Olympian, Olympic medal winner, Philadelphia councilman and owner of “Kelly for Brickwork”.  It’s “The Country”… green and open and prettie in that pastoral way that you start to miss after six years in the city.

I went running there tonight.  Not under my own power, of course.  Lauren made me.  It’s not like she held a gun to my head or anything.  Reallie all she did was ask, and I gave in.  I’m easie.  It’s a basic trait.  I made it a mile and then walked back, but I’m thinkin’ of taking my new bike down the whole length (8.56 M).  But I’ll need a helment first.

Still, I had a good time, I saw a man free climbing and many rowers stroking away in memorie of John Kelly.  It’s beautiful in a way that parks in rural areas aren’t.  It’s like that saying you can’t have real happiness without real sadness.  Trees in the country aren’t special they’re just landscape.  Trees against steel and glass skyscrapers is magic.    the trees and the river with the city rising behind them makes walking in a park special.

And as I said earlier Lauren is over tonight, as she will be every Monday night for 11 to 12 weeks.  And it’s nice.  Sitting on Cloud with her reading “Sleeping Around” to me, the smell of baking apple pie filling the room.  It’s good… but it also means that today was the first day of class.  Pediatrics Round Two.  It wasn’t as bad as I expected.  The teacher actuallie seemed prettie interesting.

New hobbie things:

Bike Helmet and possiblie lights for biking
material for pillow cover and corset
Halloween costume shopping

can’t wait!

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