Falling Down…

It’s fall.  It reallie is.  I put on my fall coat yesterday.  I had my first cup of hot coco.  I contemplated making chicken soup (but didn’t cause I haven’t got any jalepenos).  It might not be officiallie fall (not for another four days), but fall is here none the less.  With or with out it’s astrological herald.

The Autumnal Equinox… for me it marks the start of my favorite time of year.  The Ladie’s birthday will be in a few days.  And before you know it Halloween will be here.  Then Thanksgiving.  Then Christmas.  I like to consider that my favorite season technically ends on the 26th of January which is Pop’s Birthday.  And I know that most people consider Christmas the heavy hitter in this line up, but for me, each holiday gets it’s own period of time to be fiercelie protected.

Ladie’s Birthday occurs in the month of September and as all birthday people are allowed, it is her right to claim the whole of the month for herself.  Thus October first begins what I like to think of as Halloween season.  The time to make your costume, and plan your parties.  It is a time to start buying your candy and trying on your costume.  Plan out your trick or treat route.  And all these preparations culminate in the grand holiday known as Halloween or All Hallow’s Eve.

After Halloween comes November and with it Thanksgiving.  I think of this as harvest season.  It’s time to plan out your Thanksgiving menu and stock up on food.  I think thanksgiving is the most relaxing of seasons.  The whole point of it is to hang with your friends and family, cook food, eat it and drink.  Eat Drink and Be Merrie.  How much better does it get?

On Black Friday, however Christmas officiallie begins and lasts until January 6th.  It’s a Catholic tradition that I hold onto for reasons I’m not quite sure of.  Christmas is well known.  It needs present buying (my favorite part).  Light hanging, christmas tree choosing, christmas tree decorating, cookie baking (also my favorite part), present wrapping and then the giving.  Christmas season also includes New Years Eve which is like a christmas afterpartie.  You’re all holidayed out, but you give it one last shot before work resumes.

The remaining twenty days between the end of Christmas and the 26th are for relaxing and slowlie cleaning up after your festivities, putting away the decor and preping for spring.  Also buying pop’s his birthday present. and then hiding it somewhere. =P

So I know it’s earlie people, but the holidays are coming.  Happie Fall to you!

P.S. Now accepting costume suggestions.


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