life is not cruel….

merelie terriblie good at it’s job.

occasioanllie you hear stories and you might think of them as sad stories.  Stories like the movie “Autumn in New York” or “Secondhand Lions” or maybe books like “The Bridge to Terebinthia” or “The Glass Castle”.  they all remind me of a saying, “I laughed… I cried…”  It’s what people say to denote qualitie.  To show that a storie was reallie that good.  It made you laugh.  It made you cry.

And I think that that’s appropriate.  That’s what life does.  People talk of terrible times in their lives when things were difficult, and usuallie when they’re finished they’ll smile.  Not a full laughing smile, but an odd smirkie smile. Because even terrible times aren’t all terrible.

There’s a billion cliches about the ups and downs of life, but they always make it sound like they’re mutuallie exclusive states.  That you can’t be miserable and happie at the same time.  That an up can’t also be a down and vice versa.    But I think that life is bittersweet, like good dark chocolate.

I’ve always been a fan of bittersweet.  Of laughing through tears.  Of being both up and down.  And i think it’s a good thing to know that a life can be both at once.  Maybe even that a life SHOULD be both at once. And maybe it’s a terrible reminder but in the movie Ocean’s 11 George Clooney asks Julia Roberts if her new boyfriend makes her laugh, and she replies that he doesn’t make her cry…

And at the time you think that maybe this could be a valid point, but you know, by the asnwer she gives that while it might be something, it isn’t enough.  I laughed.  I cried.  It’s possible to have one without the other, but they’re so, so, so much better when you have both.


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