Have been unavoidablie detained by the world…

expect us when you see us.

So the storie of this week is epic and exciting in all the ways a storie can be.  There is fire and and excitement and romance and food.  THe food being the most exciting bit… right after the fire.

As our tale begins our brave adventurers are setting off for this nation’s capital.  Or somewhere close enough so that the difference is minimal.  Every year (since 2003 [ except that one year]) in the vicinitie of Falls Church there is Pigga Palooza.  It begins at midnight with the lighting of fire and the preparation of hot coals and then they put meet… lots and lots of meet in smokers and they smoke it.  For hours… and hours and hours… and you sit by the fire as the sun comes up and it’s nice.  There’s fire and beer and fine conversation.


Timmie brings lights, big prettie fancie lights.  And there’s a band.  And the meet.  You reallie musn’t forget about the meet.  So it’s about noonish and it looks like parties look right before hordes of people arrive to consume all the food.  But the meet is still smoking.  That’s right.  It’s been twelve hours now and the meet is still smoking.  Walking anywhere near them is an exercise in self restraint.  Mostlie so you don’t burn yourself on the extremelie hot meet.  It smells like you might expect heaven to smell…

And then at fourish they take it off and its beautiful.  They let you try some and you feel like you’re being rewarded.  Like you’ve been the kind of person people always expected you to be.  It’s that good.  And I don’t even like pork.

And then it gets pulled and mixed with homemade barbeque sauce and it’s devoured by the masses.  And there’s music and beer and wine and good times, and as the sun set the moon comes up only this time it’s a massive ballon lit from the inside by a two thousand watt lamps (AirStar provided by Shumaker PDT based in Lancaster [ for all your event needs])  and it’s beautiful.

Timmie is a light nazi.

around eleven it started to rain.  The kind of rain you think is going to blow over in a few minutes, but it didn’t it turned into the kind of down pour that Noah prollie experienced.  It was massive and collossal but it could not end this party.  Everyone still left shoved into the barn and it continued for another hour or so.

Finallie though everyone went home and passed out in their beds.  And then they returned the next day to clean up the mess and pack up the prettie lights and return to their rightful states.  PA, in this case.

So back to Lancaster we went.  and then onward to Philadelphia.  There was food and breakfast at Sabrina’s (the one at 18th and Callowhill) and all was right with the world.

It was Tuesday and on that day quite a few of my fellow ACErs took and passed their final HESI and I’d just like to congratulate them one more time.  Kudos guys!

And then we went camping.  Up to the middle of nowhere also known as Benton, PA, where Rickett’s Glen is located.  Kimmie and Ashley and Kimmie’s other friend Ashley were already there enjoying the darkness.  Tents were pitched and sleepings were had and then up at the crack of dawn to hike the Falls Trail.

Rickett’s Glen is known for it’s waterfalls.  It’s got lots.  and lots.  And we saw all but three of them.  They were quite lovelie and when we returned we had PB & J and everyone read and napped.  And then it was dinner time which was hot dogs and then there were S’mores.  It’s like food but better than food.

I got to sleep in a hammock which was sooper comfie. and then yesterday we came home, making a short stop in Obelisk to visit the rents have some free food and pick up some more of my inexhaustable supplie of books.  Then back to Phillie to sleep on my Cloud in my beautiful studio in the sky.  It’s been a nice week.

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