Wing Night…

I’ve probablie talked about wing night before.  In the context of Yeungs & Wings (Thursdays @ Westy’s [15th and Callowhill] 9 PM), but I should also mention that occasionally when I am in Lancaster on a Wednesday I go to Dip Co.

That is, The Lancaster Dispensing Company.  It’s a bar and eaterie of the better sort.  Good burgers, fun specials, and beer.  What more could you ask for?  Wednesday is their wing night.  And should I find myself in Lancaster on a Wednesday it is typical that I will go with Timmie, and meet his friends at the bar and have wings.

Last night, as you may be aware, was Wednesday.  We did no go to Dip Co.  Instead we stayed home and made Penna ala Vodka.

A word of warning UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES should this recipe be quadrupled.

1/2 lb penne  (fresh – from the box, whatever)
2 T. olive oil  (spensive yes but oooo so tastie)
13 cloves garlic (minced)  (no reallie, 13)
1/4 c. vodka   (mmmmm, for fun you can get good vodka and use the rest to make delicious cocktails.)
1 1/2 c. heavy cream  (that’s right.  Cause fat makes everything taste awesome)
1/2 c. tomato sauce  (use your favorite.  if you gotta make it from scratch to be satisfied, who am I to stop you?)
salt and pepper  (or other spices… Ms. Dash is a fun one.)

cook penne til done.
heat olive oil to high heat in sauce pan.  add garlic and saute for 30 seconds.
add vodka… cook until it stops smelling like a distillery.
add cream… reduce by half (this is a pain as you are supposed to simmer it slowlie until it is reduced by half )

if you want to add other things (bacon [crispied and chopped] for instance or red pepper spread [the kind with a little spice to it]) this would be the time to do it

when the cream is reduced by half add the tomato sauce, mix to uniform color.
season with salt and pepper (and whatever else you want)
stir in penne.

It’s good isn’t it?  This is not just because you slaved to make it so.  It’s also because it’s got lots of heavy cream in it.

I made chocolate chip cookies for dessert / appetizer.

Today my friends in the ACE program finish their last final (except the final HESI) and they begin studying for that.  I wanted to say hi to them.  Wish them luck and say I know you can do it and I’ll miss you guys next quarter.  O and Kimmie call me when you’re done.


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