Dasie, Dasie…

There’s a song, and it starts off, “Dasie, Dasie, give me your answer.  Do.”  And it’s about a bicycle.  Or a woman.  I’m not completelie sure.  It’s also part of the reason I named my car Dasie.  The other reason is that I love Dasies, but like all word problems onlie some of the information in the paragraph is relevant to the problem at hand.  This information is…

Dasie is back!

She’s been at the shop and then at my parent’s, but now she is mine again to drive and to love and to blast music from.  And it’s blissful.  Of course, I decided as my first act of driving, to come to Lancaster.  I’ve got a weakness for the populace… or at least certain sections of it.  Still, I’ll be back in Phillie soon.  In that great tower rising from the Parkway, known as The Philadelphian.  I’ve got lots of organizing to do.

Still, with three closets and all the candles I can set fire to, it’s shaping up nicelie.  I’ve got a crap ton of new hangers and soon things will be prettie and clean, and next week I’m gonna fetch all my books.  It’ll be sooper awesome.

So stop by.  I’ll make you cookies and ice tea and you can sit on the balconie and it’ll be good times all around.


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Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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