Boys in Suits…

I’m not always for boys in suits.  Sometimes I like them in t shirts, and sometimes I like them in just jeans, and sometimes I like them a little au naturale.  But sometimes, it’s nice to see a boy in a suit.

I have known Timmie since high school and I’m twenty four now.  I have never ever seen Timmie in a suit.  Fact.  Timmie has worm pretty much the same thing for as long as I’ve known him.  T shirt, over shirt, pants (shorts in the summer).  In high school and part way through college the pants were kahkis, now they’re jeans. (See, people DO change.)  But I’d bet any amount of money that Timothie looks bangin’ in a suit.  I was proven correct by picture of him at a wedding.  I was going somewhere with this, but it will take me a while to get there, so you can go get popcorn.

I came home from work today and finished “Bitter is the new Black”  A memoir of a girl who starts off her writing career by posting a blog on the internets for her own enjoyment.  About ten seconds after I finished I was in the kitchen getting IBProfen for my massive headache when my phone buzzed.  It was a text from Timmie.

So we chatted for a bit and afterwards I surfed facebook and eventually fell asleep thinking about boys in suits.  One boy specificallie.  When I woke up though I wasn’t thinking about the esthetics, but more about the reasons.  Timmie is not a suit kind of guy.  I have not seen him in one (except in those wedding photos) in the entire span of time I have known him and am not likely to do so for sometime (if ever).  So why now and why a suit?  I mean hell I could have dressed him up like Batman in my head and the Dark Knight is a definite winner.  So why a suit?

I geuss the realism factor is nice.  I mean suits exist (where as Batman, however I might wish is were different, does not).  And it’s completelie conceivable that someday I might witness Timmie in a suit.  But honestly, fantasies are usuallie more, well, fantastic.  But I geuss in a way it kind of is.  Timmie in a suit is not a usual thing, so maybe good fantasies are ones that might possiblie someday be real, but right now are just prettie pictures in your head.

And now I’ve taken up alot of note with boys in suits… and totallie failed to tell you about the mind numbing tedium.  I have a good job.  It’s indoors, with air conditioning.  There’s very little heavie lifting, the dress code isn’t too strict, and they pay me decentlie.  But much of what I do, could be done by a well trained ape.  I type.  They call it data entry, but I know what it really is.

Picture your basement, (or if yours is finished the basement of someone you know) and it’s packed to the rafters with stuff.  Important stuff that you just had to save, but now you have so much of that no one can possiblie find anything.  There’s no organization or logical order, it’s just stuff.

That’s what this data entry is.  It’s saving junk just to say you have it… somewhere.  Or letters.  I do a lot of mailing.  Googling addresses, filling in form letters, trifolding stacks and reams and whole trees of paper and stuffing them into enough envelopes to blanket Rhode Island.  And then I seal up the envelopes… and carry them off to the mail office (this is part of the lifting bit, paper can get heavy).

And it’s dull and it’s awful, but they pay me well and oddly I do get the sense that I’m accomplishing things.  Still somedays I come home from only five hours of work and I lay on my bed (sans work clothes) and I stay there, to exhausted by the tedium to do much of anything…

Anything except fall asleep and dream of boys in suits…


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  1. Boys Suits says:

    I really had a great time reading your blog! Thanks

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