Just Friends.

So… just.  It’s a funnie word.  It implies simplicitie.  It implies a lack of convolution.  It implies a defficiencie in importance.

so I have people who are just my friends.  They just talk to me about anything under the sun.  And they just hang out with me and just buy me foods and just go to yoga with me and just read with me and just lend me books.  I mean obviouslie these aren’t the onlie things they do, but it kinda sounds like that.

Just is a sillie word.

And I know that the phrase just friends is more often used for those friends of the opposite sex who reallie aren’t just friends, but we like to pretend.  For instance I had a just friend.  We’d hang out every so often and we’d kiss and we’d get naked and we’d be friendlie like and we were just friends.  Now… well, now we date… and that’s a bit odd, but sometimes (and I feel bad about this) sometimes I still say, “This is my friend…”  (so that’s a totallie pointless ellipsis, because Facebook tells everyone who I’m datin’, but old habits die hard.)

The thing is that even in those terriblie awkward social circumstances, is just reallie an appropriate word?

The theme of yoga tonight was simplicitie… and just sort of implies simplicitie. Just breath.  Just be comfortable.  Kimmie said I am a creature of comfort, and I can see that.  I love Cloud because he’s soft and comfie, and food is comforting also, and Timmie.  Just be.  It kind of works.  You sit there and work through the poses and then you lay in the dark taking it all in and by the time you get home you’re soaked to the skin.  It’s pouring, but I don’t know, I think the point is that your still just being…

But I don’t think that just friends is a good phrase.  Today I woke up with my friend Lauren and then we slept in.  And around lunchtime we ventured out into the world, and we got Kimmie.

And it was just… good.  We walked to the Terminal.  And Lauren got coffee and then we searched for food.  The Terminal is hard to explain.  Most cities have some sort of farmer’s market.  Some place where fresh fruits and veggies and other oddities can be procured, but the Reading Terminal Market is special.  It’s got everything you want.  You might have to hunt around to find it, but the point is, it can be found.  And there’s the food.  It’s good food.  reallie reallie good food.

You can go to Saulmeria and order sandwiches with your friends and sit in the center of the Terminal and eat and talk about all those things that girls so clicheilie talk about.  And it’s good.  You can talk about the future and about the past and then finallie get up and go home.  And maybe you won’t all hang out again for awhile.  Maybe you’ll text, or IM or leave wierd messages on each other’s phones, but the point is that friends, give you things you don’t have yourself.

This is important.  You make friends with people because of the things you share.  You stay friends with people because of your differences.  And you’re never, ever, ever… just friends.


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