to the interwebz!

There are those who will claim I am addicted.  That I’m “too” connected.  (As if such a thing were possible.)  I prefer to think of it like a fetish.  Some people have a thing for fast cars, or spotlights, or Philadelphia’s football team, or Jewish boys.  I have a thing for the internet.

It’s big and energetic and full of piles of idiocie and mountains of information.  The internet is so massive and all encompassing that it needed to invent the phrase IRL, to denote things that occur offline.  Because the internet contains everything.

One thing the internet needs is a directory Websites in alphabetical order, last updated, most popular, first created, topic, and cross refrenced by hordes of tags.  O and people try, most notably Google, and then there’s Wikipedia, and a whole host of others who make it their business to categorize and cross refrence everything.  The issue with this is that every attempt to collate the internet is (and needs to be) done on the internet, which simply creates more information to catalog.  But try making that catalog anywhere else…

The internet is massive, which is why I’m not going to try to give you every little bit of it, only the best bits (IMHO, which is stoopid internet slang for in my humble opinion, although, to be perfectlie honest, my opinions tend not to be verie humble).

So anyways the biggies…

Google & Wikipedia (for everything you ever always wanted to know, or not know, but now can’t unknow.) See Not From Concentrate.

Do you read webcomics?  If so then you should probablie visit this site at least once.  If you don’t, you should start.  Try here, here, here, here and here.

Important sites from my high school years…

Albino Black Sheep
College Humor
New Grounds
My Space
Live Journal

then there’s the fact that the internet can make you famous.  You’ve heard of YouTube… but what about YouPorn (NSFW, another charming invention of the internet letting you know that clicking on this link [or opening this e-mail] would be a bad idea if you wer at work, or near small children).  How about WordPress and BlogSpot for everyone that’s always wanted to write, but could find someone to pay them for it.

The internet is a haven for shoppers.  Besides the fact that you can buy from the majority of your favorite stores online, there’s also Amazon, eBay, Google Shopper and the all important haven for finding that which you trulie need… Craigslist (not responsible by death through incautiousness).  And what about TopatoCo and ThinkGeek… (My birthday isn’t ’til March, but Christmas will be here soon.)

The internet is good for many things, but primarilie what it gets used for is wasting time.  (What is time for if not for wasting?)

I received this lovelie text a few weeks back and I liked it so much I sent it about… ” Hey baby, wanna come over to myspace and twitter my yahoo ’til I google all over your facebook?”

I Facebook and Twitter.  It takes me about forty minutes each day to read all my webcomics and I have an iGoogle.  Then I have to check PostSecret (sundays only), Texts From Last Night, F*** My Life, FailBlog, Emails From Crazy People, Item Not As Described and There I fixed it.  It’s a rough life…

And I haven’t even covered Fark, Quote of the Day, Flicker’s Interesting Picture, Wikipedia’s Article of the Day, The Straight Dope, All Consuming, and my Geocaching site.

All this and I still haven’t even mentioned the inspiration for today’s post.  Know Your Meme. What is a meme?  For that we go to Urban Dictionary… which has many definitions for many words, but essentiallie it is a bit of information (a part of a TV show, a famous quote, or person, or act, or idea).  In a sarcastic, yet eloquent definition it was put, “the smallest unit of knowledge”.

And there it is… Demotivation Posters, Flash Mobs, Trolls, PWND, The DAncing Baby, make Your Own Album Cover, and Everytime You masturbate god kills a kitten.  Memes… it’s everything that pop culture is and nothing you ever need to know.  But it’s fun… and fun, well fun goes places.

For instance I then proceeded to find a way to involve myself in a flash mob, and in the process discovered Critical Mass (a sort of Bike Flash Mob that rides every month in many cities), and World Pillow Fight Day.

So you can say what you like about my relationship with the internet.  I think in the end, it’s something worth keeping.  Even if it is TMI.


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Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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