New(ude) Roomate…

Other names for this post that were considered include:
Roomie-o Roomie-o, Where for art thou, Roomie-o?
Nancy’s Boobs
Lazie Naked Sunday

So Sunday is a lazie day.  It was raining when I woke up at nine and glanced out the window, you could hardlie tell it was day time.  So I got up to eat a brownie and killed the last of the milk.  ( I was hungrie)  And then I went back to bed, which is what any self respecting person would do on a Sunday like that.  I woke up again around noonish and laid in bed copying my recipes into my new recipe book, checking out facebook and catching up on FailBlog.

I also paged through the entiretie of the IKEA catalog that came in the mail a few days ago.  I know I shouldn’t, but I can’t help but love those Swedish bastards.  The point is though that around 1-1:30 I was starving and got out of bed to make my self some waffles.  I’m not know for my sartorial elegance and it just so happens that on days when I’m not doing much and I’m alone in my locked apartment I like to do without the fripperie and frills that normallie grace my appearance.  (I was naked.)

I had poured my batter onto the waffle iron and flopped down on my bed to check my new IMs when I heard a noise.  It sounded like a key in the lock, but that couldn’t be.  Maintenance always knocks first, and so do the RAs and other assorted autoritie figures the door knob turns.  I leap from my bed my first instict being to see who the hell is breaking into my apartment (with a key?).  My second instinct however quicklie overtook the first and that was to not greet someone who had a key to my apartment in my birthday suit.  So I tossed on the first available clothes and stumbled into the living room.

I was greeted by Chaka, my new roomate (which Drexel had not seen fit to tell me about), her mother, her aunt and her grandmother.  It’s not the best first impression, I believe they thought I had been having sex, but when no mysterious person emerged from my room, I have no idea what they thought.  Except that the grandmother thinks I’m messie and that my apartment smells.  Ah first impressions…

Still I was immenslie cheered up when my real roomie decided to come visit her apartment.  We were chatting down stairs with Kelsey when Kimmie showed up and the whole mess of us came back here for Brownies.  Nancy had brought milk.  (WHooHoo!)

Later Sung came up and Kimmie, Nance, Sung and I snuggled up on Cloud to examine the internets and compare our compatibilie on OkCupid.  We also oogled Nance’s naughtie pics.  She’s soooooo tan.  Then Kimmie left and we ordered Jake’s for dinner… you reallie can’t go wrong there.  And settled in to watch a movie.

Nancy chose the movie and while it was a good movie, she is banned from ever chosing the movie again.  P.S. Watch Green Street Hooligans.  lovelie.

So it was a weekend of new roomates and nuditie and nude roomates… What more could a girl ask for?


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