My own personal brand of crazie… TM

So last night I tried to break up with my boyfriend.  The reason for this is that I am madlie in love with him.

So I have relationship issues.  Namlie, they terrifie the bejesus out of me.  For a relationship to work you need to compromise.  Compromise is scarie stuff.  It’s like giving up a piece of yourself.  It’s taking away something that makes you… you.  And that can be sooper scarie… especiallie if you’re willing to give up things for someone.  And when you reallie care about someone that’s prettie easie.

But someone (thank you tinie dangerous one) pointed out to me that if your scared of someone because you’d do anything they asked, but that they’d never ask you to do anything bad for you, then what’s the problem.

So I geus what you need to do it find someone who will never ask you to compromise on the important things.  I think you could be someone like that.



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One Response to My own personal brand of crazie… TM

  1. lsh7 says:


    Constant compromise is for people who are not meant to be together. I’m not saying that you should never compromise, but if life is a constant negotiation that is bullshit and not true love.

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