It’s like taking candie from a school age child…

Tempting, it’s true, but in the long run, probablie not a good idea.

A quick word to those of you who will be swift to point out that that is not the correct saying… How many of you see babies with candie?  Or even toddlers for that matter?  It’s not reallie a thing.  Although taking candie from a school age child would be far more difficult… so who knows.

So I was supposed to clean today… and I did, but not to the extent that I had planned.  I began cleaning and became swiftlie bored, so I called up Kimmie and explained my need for entertainment.  She told me she was studying in the park but that I was welcome to come and oggle her.  So I did so.

We read and watched small children and smaller dogs traipse about the greenerie disturbing onlie their parents/owners.  We discussed the mechanics of the skulls of small children and the point of magnesium sulfate.  Alas, being that my budget is shedding new light on the phrase “Starving college student” we quicklie had to go in search of food.  Also butter so we could make brownies.

We traveled to that magical place known as the Reading Terminal Market.  As one man announced, “I could spend my whole vacation here.”  First we sought out food and food was found in plentie.  Apparentlie food heaven had crash landed in the center of the Terminal in the form of a Pennsylvania Dutch Festical.  There were fresh donuts, and fudge, pulled pork, and a ton of other types of food.  We each got a donut and a smoothie and then I went to Frank’s for a Kielbasa and Saurkraut with onion rings.

There was nowhere to sit so we went outside and crouched near a wall like homeless people, sadlie noone gave us monies.  Then we purchased butter… PS.  Kimmie is so verie inconvenient.

THEN!  THEN!  THEN we made brownies.  OOOOOO so good.  Did I eat dinner?  I’m gonna go do that quick.  Hold on a moment.

Ok… so another important thing about me an Kimmie is that we’re both on OkCupid.  I’m taken now, sorrie boys, but Kimmie is still searching the cuties… and man are they cute.  So this one guy well he describes the girl he is looking for and I’ll be damned if it doesn’t describe Kimmie perfectlie.  Check this out…

“Hmmm, so I’m here on okc looking for a dangerous psychopath posing as a sarcastic, emotionally open, nerdy, outdoorsy woman. You know, someone to exchange insults with, to cuddle with, and, eventually, to be murdered by. If you think this might describe you, read on. Otherwise, you might as well move along…”

Isn’t that amazing?  I was FLOORED.  And the dude is HOT, so that’s awesome.  But moving on I settle down for a quiet evening of copying recipes into my recipe book, but Kimmie tells me I gots to go to Nicole Martin’s partie, which is tonight.  I was not intending to because of being flat broke, but Kimmie said I should, but I have not heard from her since,and I am not gonna walk that far at night by myself… Cloud is just so comfie.

Anyways, if you want to bring kisses or cuddles, the door is open… Apt 902A


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