Neither school nor work related…

Life… it’s a big thing… stupendouslie encompassing all that which need be encompassed.  However it is also easily divisible into sections… school life, work life, familie life, social life, love life, etc.  Still there are so many things that don’t fit neatly into a categorie…  still… I have made for them their own category which I like to call Life life.

Getting out of bed in the morning falls into this category.  It is safe to say that in order to be reallie living you must be up and doing.  I’m also going to stick showering, brushing your teeth, doing your hair, deoderant, and getting dressed in there, because well they’ve got to be done and while you could make an argument that they belong in say work life, or maybe social life, they really don’t fit in every sense of the word.  So we’re up and clean and dressed and rarin’ to go.

What to do today?  Well if you go to school, or work, then you’re no longer living your life life, but your school life or your work life.  Same thing happens if you go out with friends, but what if instead you go to the dentists office, or to the post office to buy stamps.  Grocerie shopping.  Any kind of shopping.  Let’s say you go to the gym.  Or clean your apartment.  These things all need to get done.  They’re the things you leave for last.  They all fall into the category of keeping you alive.

And it’s a bit odd that these things come last.  Food is important and necessary to our survival, but eating and getting it, they’re reallie onlie mentioned if they’ve somehow become a social activitie.  Everyone gets their hair cut and goes to the bathroom, but unless you’re shitting blood, or you’ve lost all the hair that needs cutting no one reallie cares.  People say how are you all the time.  And people say fine, or good, or all right, or maybe even occasionallie, not so good, but they never say, “I didn’t sleep well because the neighbor’s dog was barking and the only thing I had for breakfast was a nutragrain bar and I’m just feeling miserable.”  They’ll tell you about their break ups and their lay offs and their crappie boss anf their bad grades, but no one ever says, “My clothes are just very uncomfortable today.”

Like somehow that’s less important then some inane thing their boss said or did.  People will bitch about almost anything in life except for the small terrible things, like tight shoes and overdone steak.  And maybe they’re trying to be brave, or keep things in perspective, but isn’t a cold shower just as awful as being forced to listen to a coworker’s inane drivel for hours on end.  Doesn’t it ruin your day just as much?

And maybe we shouldn’t divide our life up like that.  Maybe your friends with the people you work with.  Maybe your job is also your hobbie.  maybe you’re in school to get better educated about your job.  Or your lover used to be friends with you or coworkers.  Maybe your family works with you or you’re friends with them.  maybe life isn’t little cubbie holes for everie possible outcome, but one big hole with everything in it, like a reallie good omlet…

And now for something completlie different.


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