A taddle bit tipsie…

So I’m not known for my self control, my response when I want something is to go after it… as bluntlie and as blatantlie as possible.  It is not in me to be subtle.  Alcohol, well known for it’s inhibition reducing abilites, is not  a help to me.  The worst bit is… I know that I’m doing something sillie… I’m often aware of my stupidities, but there’s not usuallie enough will power left to do anything about it.  But right at this moment, I’m just a tinie bit tipsie and there’s something I want.  Something I want verie  verie badlie, but I’m making an effort.  an enormous enormous effort.

Who ever invented self control… and then decided it was a good thing, should be put up against a brick wall and bludgeoned… slowlie… to death with a wooden baseball bat.


About SleepieBear

Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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