So one of my favorite things to do when it rains is sit as close as possible to it and do nothing.  Right now the proximetie of my floor to ceiling windows to my bed make this an easie feat.  I can lay on my bed with the windows open and the rain streaking down out of the sky and watch it.  I like rain.

I like thunderstorms better than that tho.  The noise of the crashing thunder and the patter of the rain… the smell of wet macadam and electricitie in the air.  Soon I’ll be able to sit on my balconie and watch the rain there… only five weeks until move out / move in.

I’m going home this weekend to pay for my car… or at least drop off my credit card and see the rents.  And I’m sitting here thinking how nice it is to be working.  Especiallie the job I have.

I go in when I want, for as long as I want.  And there’s always work for me to do, so it’s not like I don’t have enough hours.  And when I get home there’s still time left in the day and I’m not exhausted, but it feels nice to sit on my bed and relax.  It doesn’t feel like I’m inventing things to do because I”m bored… it feels like I’m relaxing.

So I can watch House now… or play vidceo games… or fix my recipe book.  (I got new recipes from work today.)  I can’t wait til pay day… I wonder how i find out when it is… I geuss I’ll prolly just have to wait for a check to show up… boo!


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