A love of heights…

So it’s prollie not normal, but it is a fact.  I love being up high.  I like being on tall buildings andclimbing trees and anywhere you can look down and see the ground all small and tinie below you makes me feel good.  I would have died to be an astronaut… or a bird, or a satelite dish.  Google Earth makes me estatic… I can see your house from here…

A boast and a threat… the best of all possible worlds.I can see your house from up here...

So I know I mentioned it, but now that I’m home I can upload pictures, so I’m gonna mention it again.  Timmie took me hiking on Sunday.  I may have mentioned it before but I like hiking.  It’s like walking (love it!) plus woods (love it!)… does it get any better.  (Prollie it does, but shush!)

And he said we were going to this place and there was a suprise… and even though I knew the name of the place I didn’t google it.  I like suprises that much.

Don't look down!And we were walking and walking and we came to a wide flat spot in the trail and Timmie says, tis is the top of Govenor Dick… and I think, “Well it’s nice, but certainlie not worth not googling things for.”  And we keep walking and then above the trees you see a wrought iron cage floating on top of sixty six feet of concrete and steel and I point, all excited (I’m excitable), “What’s that?”  “It’s the suprise.”Timmie on the tower

What a good suprise.  And maybe it’s sillie to be extremelie thrilled about a tall concrete tower on a hill, but I don’t really care.  It was fun and there’s ladders, and you can see the whole world… or maybe just the piece that belongs to me.  Which is the best bit.


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