So buttons on your underwear.

Renee used to say that.  I thought it was awesomelie clever.

So this is what you do.  You drive to this place… somewhere near Rt. 72 in Mt. Gretna.  And you park and you hike up a big hill, and bam, rising out of the trees towering over everything is a giant concrete phallic symbol with a wrought iron cage on top.  And there’s a door on each side and a series of ladders…

And if you climb them… all the way to the top… two things will happen.  The first is that you will be out of breath, maybe a little, maybe a lot, but definitelie panting.  The second is that you can see the whole world… all the way to where it falls over the edges…  unless of course you believe that the world is round.  (Who ever heard of a ball shaped world… obviouslie you’d fall off)

And it’s lovelie.  Not fake lovelie, full of perfection and soft colors with lines to make you weep. (well maybe the last one)  But lovelie like life is… big a bold and real and perfect in that way that certain things always are.  And you can stand there staring… and staring… and staring.

And then maybe you walk down… and go get something to eat.  And maybe you get to drive the Mazda home and however nerve wracking it is you love the speed and the power…

And if you like your sundays a certain way then this would certainlie qualifie as a good one… and I do like my Sundays a certain way…

So happie Monday, however it turns out.


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Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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