Ignoring Charlie…

So Charlie is my phone.  An LG Incite with a data package and a sexie rubberized cover.  And today he buzzed and buzzed and I ignored him… In all fairness, he was locked in a locker so I didn’t hear him.  Today I was at Hershey Park.

It’s the sweetest place on earth.  I rode the roller coasters.  I ate overpriced foods and drank overpriced beverages.  I held an owl… and a poisonous snake… and pet a crocodile… which was AWESEOME!  And it rained which was sort of nice, because it was terriblie hot, but also terriblie awful, because…

So we (Timmie & I) waited in line for Storm Runner (a sooper awesome roller coaster) for… well for a long fricking time but we finally got there.  We sat down in the seats and we were just about to strap ourselves in when they announced that due to inclement weather they were closing the ride.  It was kind of a shocker… hard to deal with.  We decided that the waiting wasn’t worth and left…

Still.. suxxorz.  We rode a few more coasters with shorter lines and wandered about for a bit, until it was terriblie late and therefore time to go home.  And there was foods and interneting for me and video gaming for him and all was at peace… and HOT.  It is soooooo warm.

Also, Lauren showed this to me and I think we should all get one and wear it to the bar.  Who’s in?


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