working hard or hardlie working?

I once wrote about this relationship of ours.  How we never reallie tried…

"We never asked for this.  We didn’t work at it. We never tried at anything in our lives.  We let a great  big ocean of feelings and instinct wash us on any shore it wanted.

We turned que sera sera into a science… into a lifestyle.  And here we are.  And I’m not your only friend, but when you’re stuck you call me up.  And you’re not my only friend, but when I’m lonely,it’s you I look for.

And the thing… the terrible awful thing, is that this isn’t what we asked for, but it’s what we got.  We can’t get rid of it without making an effort and we can’t make it work without an effort."

And look at us now.  Walking around holding hands, cuddling and kissing like it’s our right to do so.  And all my sillie rules for dealing with the huge passion I have for you are being washed away by the fact of your love for me… and I’m coping.  Sometimes when I’m walking down the street smiling up at you and I don’t feel awkward about it, or when I’m laying in bed facing you and it feels like the most natural thing in the world, I remember how it used to be, and how long it took us to get here.

And I’d be willing to give up the words if we could keep the ‘this’… and I think we could.  As much as I’d love to, I don’t know what’s different, or what’s changed, but I think that maybe this time we’ll get it right.  Like nirvana…. you keep repeating a thing until you get it right… like Groundhog Day.  And we’re getting it right this time. 

And you tell me that you’ve worked hard for that word… but did you?  Did we ever reallie work for this?


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