I read that somewhere…

I like knowing things… it’s true.  I like facts and factoids and other variations on the theme.  I like being able to tell people that the William Penn Statue on City Hall is that tallest statue atop a building in the whole world.  It makes me happie to know that the Fulton Theater in Lancaster and the Walnut St. Theater in Philadelphia are two of only three theaters in America to be named national historical landmarks.  And I like finding out things like this.  When people ask me why, I rarely say, “I don’t know.”  My response is usually, “Let’s ask google.”

I like google.  I love google.  I would love to someday work for their corporate empire and when they take over the world, I want to be there.  Alas, google is not the only way to find things out.  There are these things called books.  And admittedlie if you want to know the meaning behind the phrase, or the exact location of a restaurant, the internet is the fastest way to get there, but if you’re after something and you’re not quite sure what it is, books are a fun way to get there.

You can read a book on world war II era germany and learn more about judaism than you though, and maybe from this you’ll read other books.  A book is not a self contained things, it connects out to all the other points… it’s the biggest freaking hyperlink you’l ever see.  And you can go from one to the other in much the same way…

But it happens with any knowledge, that someday someone will ask you, “Really?  How do you know that?”  And weather you found it on the internets or you read it in print, all your going to be able to answer is… I dunno… I read it somewhere.

And now I’m off to the park to read.


About SleepieBear

Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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