“All we have is what we want to be…”

It’s a quote.  And because I believe in credit where credit is due, I’m going to tell you where it’s from, but not just yet.

It was said in a time when people didn’t have anything much, and what was meant that you can’t save a world that is built on certain ideals by giving up those ideals.

You can’t break laws to catch criminals… When you haven’t got food, or shelter or even a whole lot of hope for a future you can still keep the ideas you hope to build that future upon.  You have to keep in your head a picture of how you want the world to be, and even if it isn’t like that now, you have to live as though someday it will be.

Now as for where the quote is from…

“World War Z” by Max Brooks.  It’s a zombie book, but in my defense, it’s not mine.  It belongs to Timmie. (I’m reading his books because I’ve run out of my own.)  But I’m telling you now because of something else that I’ve been reading.  (also Timmie’s fault)  I finished the Dead Winter archives today.  It’s a zombie comic… I know. I know.  But it’s good, so I don’t feel too bad.

But our heroine is a pacifist… and for the sake of survival obviously she can’t keep eschewing violence.  It’s hard to say no to violence when people keep trying to kill you.  But she talks about keeping part of herself intact so that when she finds her familie they still recognize her.

I’m not a pacifist.  Those who know me might say I’m exactlie the opposite, but I can see what she saying.  That even if you can understand why it’s important to fight for your survival how you might want to keep that pacifist you were alive inside however you could.

How you have to be the person you want to become.

“Fake it ’til you make it.”

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