I like clothing… so much that when I was little, I wanted to be a fashion designer.  I like the colors and the patterns and the shapes.  I still like playing dress up.  The thing is that ultimately to me, clothes are just decoration, or serve a paractical function of keeping you warm, or from being covered in scratches, depending on the circumstances…

I have discovered over the years that this is not a normal relationship to have with clothing.  The most people don’t wear clothes because they want to be warm, or because they’re pretty, or because it’ll keep them from being bloodie, or because they know they’d get arrested otherwise.  People don’t wear clothes because not wearing clothes is illeagal, they wear them because it makes them more comfortable.  This means that even alone in their own home with the windows covered, they’ve still got clothes on.

I find this fascinating.  My favorite outift, when outfits are necessary, is a big t shirt.  This saves you from all the hassels of undergarmentrie and the confines of a dress (which is extremelie similair to a giant t shirt but tighter and more form fitting).  Most of the time however I prefer to wear nothing.  I’m not sooper proud of my bodie… I’m embarassed by my thighs and I wish my ass was nicer and sometimes I think my boobs look funnie but I’m comfie naked.

When it’s the proper temperature and I have something soft to sit on, it feels good.  This can lead to problems.  When you’re sharing a residence, your often led to run into rooms at awkward times and hastilie dress, or when people knock on the door the first thing you yell is always, “Hold on!”  I’m good at putting clothes on fast.  I have lots of robes and jammie type clotheing strewn about my room for easie access.

So maybe clothing could be optional… in the summer, when there’e no picker bushes or danger of running into rough surfaces, but for now maybe they’re onto something when they made it illegal to be naked in public… it’s not comfie, but it does keep you safe.


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