In a kingdom by the sea…

This maiden she lived with no other thought than to love and be loved by me…

Well, I”m not that thoughtless, but I am in my kingdom by the sea.  93rd St. in Sea Isle Citie, the only place in New Jersey, where I’d be ok with sayin’ I was from.  (I put that in there just for you Lauren.)

So the Ladie phoned me up this afternoon and said she was in the city and that she was goin’ to the beach and would I like to go.  I confess I did not have to think about it.  So here I am full from a lovelie dinner at Tortilla Flats (Avalon), with a caphirena in my hand trying to talk the Ladie into a board game.  I secretly want Monopoly, but would settle for Life.  Clue is too much work right now.

I may give up tho and just go to sleep, because even though sleeping on a Friday night is TOTALLIE LAMO (still love you), it would mean I’d be up earlier to lay on the beach tomoro.  Brought lots of books and sunscreen this time so no lobster mishaps.  And if I try hard enoug maybe Kimmie won’t mock me about my tan.

Still… on Monday it’s back to school… midterms week… with only one midterm, oh my scholastic life is such a joke.  Still a test is a test and I fullie intend to study, and also attempt to work out how I’m going to get back to the city Sunday night.  Ah, the busy life of the carefree.

And then… well that will have to wait til then, but right now I might just put Freddie to bed and then join him… with a book.  Although first I gotta post this, which is difficult because the person I’m stealing wireless from’s signal is very weak.    Wish me luck!


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