Oh, I love gross!

I’m going to assume that Kimmie (small, scarie) was talking about the number (144, 12 x 12) and not gross things (eating raw whole squids with a stocking over your head).  But honestlie, with Kimmie (curlie hair, giant boobs), it’s hard to tell.

Today (actuallie yesterday)… well it was a day.  Woke up at 6 am, and then went back to bed out of sheer boredom.  Woke up (again) at 7 due to incessant alarming of my cell phone, then I proceeded to hit my touch screen phone with my fist.  (silence) Woke up at ten and decided that getting out of bed was a fun plan for the day. Did so.

Showered, failed to dress, all the usual things that go into my day, read a butt load of webcomics (XKCD, Wondermark, LICD, Ctrl+Alt+Del, Penny Arcade, Devil’s Panties, Blank It, Questionable Content, Finder’s Keepers, Everyday Decay, Overcompensating, Sinfest, Something Positive, Bunny, Scary Go Round, A Softer World, Real Life, Pictures for Sad Children, Looking for Group, Kawaii Not, Eros Inc., Misfile, Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal, Lovecraft is Missing, Cyanide & Happiness, Diesel Sweeties, Indexed, DAR, Anders Loves Maria, PvP, Wierd Fishies, Wigu, Apple Geeks, Dresden Codak, MegaTokyo, Curvy, TaviCats, Dominic Deegan, Girls with Slingshots, Meaningless Comics, Punch an’ Pie, Striptease, Wasted Talent) with the exception of Dead Winter and one other whose name I cannot recall. Then I wrote in the blog (TMI), facebooked and played final fantasy (X).  I ate Chili and read an Anne McCaffrey book (Sci-fi, Fantasy).

Then off to the bar (Westy’s, 15th and Callowhill, my bar) where we had a Lager (Welcome to PA) some fries watched Japanese game shows and Ashley (Athletic, California) got hit on by some dudes down the bar.  Went home, started writing all this down but found myself to be rediculously tired.

Today I made a corset pattern (DIY)… more on that after I get my hair hacked off!


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