What type is that again?

You’ve probablie signed up for a dating site at least once… facebook might even ask you it’s been awhile, so I’m not sure, but the big question on there is what’s your body type (Thin, Fit, Athletic, A Few Extra Pounds, Heavyset, Curvy, Big and Beautiful, Full Figured)?

And when faced with this question, my temptation is to answer average.  I’m not fat, but I’m not skinnie either.  I’m extremely average body sizewise (average, height, weight).  Often, however my friends tell me to put fit, or athletic, but here’s the thing.  I’m not fit (in shape).  I get winded going up a couple flights of stairs (rise over run, onward and upward).  I have trouble running a mile in under ten minutes (Pennsylvania State Fitness Test).  You sit me on a stationary bike and after five miles I’m panting and dripping and wishing I were dead (today, Sweat, 15th and Arch).  Fit does not describe me (girl, average).

Nor does athletic.  I go to the gym on Tuesday nights for yoga (sanskrit, buddhism, relaxation).  I stretch, I pose, I work up a nice healthy glow, then I lay on the floor in the dark for fifteen minutes breathing (In and Out, Pranayama).  That’s my exercise.  I don’t go jogging, unless I’m pissed off (running away, escape).  I don’t ride a bike, unless someone I really like is gonna do it with me (Timmie).  I don’t lift weights.  Two things I do are sit ups (abs, six pack), so I look like I’m in shape and pec excercies so my average sized boobs (36B) don’t start to sag (gravity rides everything) before their time (age never, Peter Pan Syndrome).

I also walk (one foot in front of the other) .  I walk to class (NCB).  I walk to the store (CVS).  I walk to go to dinner (Jack’s Firehouse) or to find parking (Mr. Henry).  I walk to the train station (Suburban Station) or to go shopping (H&M).  I walk alot (everyday).  I’m good at it, it’s an endurance thing.  There’s no sweating or panting, it’s just a decent pace to a destination.  I like walking.  I like the feeling of accomplishment.  I like the sights.  I LOVE the lack of sweating.  I even like being in the out of doors, rain or snow or shine (weather, seasons, change).  Walking is for me… which is why last night when I was bored I did some research…

I figured out how to walk from Philadelphia (big, urban, restless) to Lancaster (small, rural, sleepie).  It’s about seventie miles on three different trails (Schuylkill River Trail, Horse Shoe Trail, Conestoga River Trail).  Figuring about three miles an hour for about 8 hours a day, you’ve got a trip about four days long, you could do it in a long weekend (holiday, vacations).  Most of the weight you’d have to carry would be water… or you could buy a water filter.

The average person needs about 1.5 gallons of water per day (eight to twelve glasses), so that’s 6 gallons of water.  There’s about 8 pounds in a gallon (water weight), so minimum you’re hauling 12 pounds of water and some sort of purifying system.  Campden tablets probably weigh about as much as a filter and with the filter you can do a better job depending on the filter size… so your looking at an extra pound of weight and 60 bucks (dollars, dinero, moola) out of pocket.

Now you need to eat (yum, restaurants, cooking).  You could totally live on beef jerky and crackers… you might be a tad thirstier, but it’s only four days, you could totally do it.  The USDA estmiates that your average person eats about 5 pounds of food a day, but you could eat less… protien bars (ew!) for breakfast, beef jerky for lunch with some raisins and dry fruit, maybe real food for dinner (Steak medium rare, buttermilk mashed potatoes, green beans, glass of milk).  you could definately manage on a three pound a day diet (starving).

Your carrying about 25 pounds now, about the weight of a year old baby… pick one up, those things are heavy.  And you’re going to be hoofing this around for 70 miles.  Admitedly it will get lighter, but that’s because you’re running out of food.  The recommendation is that you can carry 25 to 30 % of your body weight without straining yourself (too badly).  So at 125, we’re talking maybe 30 to 37 pounds.  So that other five to ten pounds, that’s your shelter alotment.

If it’s true that a human being really only needs food, water and shelter (the bare necessities), then you need your shelter to weigh ten pounds… that’s clothes and a sleeping bag and a tent if you want one.  It’s something to think about… but still.  I think I could do it (Anything you can do…).

After all… what’s four days (not even a week)?


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