My nipple hurts.

So my nipple does hurt, and I’m clueless.  I got it repierced a couple months ago and it’s been fine and now suddenlie… Pain.  No infection though and it’s better since yesterday.  So things are definatelie looking up.  Looking north in fact, I’m back in Phillie (old, sunny, full) and however nice it is to see the boy, it’s good to be home.  Sitting in my own bed, with a glass of skunkie beer, and soaking in the sunshine.

she's sexie

she's sexie

It’s what I call a good day and as far as work like things go, over.  Woke up at some ridiculous morning hour in Lancaster (far, slow, cheap), clothed my dirtie bodie and hopped the train (Amtrak, Keystone, 30th St.).  Then the subway (SEPTA, Market – Frankford, 15th St.) and walked to meet Kimmie (tinie, dangerous) at the NCB (Drexel, Hahnemann).  Practiced being a patient (Heart, Lungs, Lymph Nodes), unpacked (dirty clothes, laptop) , ate breakfast (Apple Jacks, 2% Milk), played patient (GI, GU), worried about money (first month’s rent, last month’s rent, securitie deposit) and then took a quiz (research, nursing, easy).And even if I accomplish a lot more today that prettie much covers all the things I have to do.  Tonight tho, I’m getting on another train to Berwyn, where my cousin (Kelly, fun, exciting) is going to pick me up and then we’re going to go to her sister’s birthday party (twenty-one, Lindsay, PJ Ryan’s).  It should be a good time.
In other exciting news I got a new cover for my phone (LG, Incite, data package, orange).  And I’m goning to dump the rest of my beer and drink a glass of wine. (Red, Zinfandel, Seven Deadly).  Maybe re arrange my glasses (beer, shot, wine)

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