Just like the ladie said.

I woke up today in Lancaster, PA (charming, quaint, large town, central Pennsylvania) because I had a migraine (annoying, painful, etc.)  It was three am (Matchbox 20).  My boyfriend (tall, geeky, love of my life, drives me crazie) was snoring, unaccountablie I found this adorable.

When I woke up again, still in Lancaster the sun was shining and the alarm clock was going off.  I didn’t move an inch.  He’s the one that has to go to work (lights, audio, events).  I don’t live in Lancaster (small, safe, historic), but Philadelphia (huge, gregarious, dirty, southeastern Pennsylvania), and so I was quite safe from the obligations of employment.  Instead I showered (cleanliness, pumice stone, irish spring, herbal essences), dressed (shorts, Born Wild t-shirt, H&M) and sat down to play some video games (Playstation, Final Fantasy, Cloud Strife).

The boyfriend (arousing, irritating, strong) came home for lunch (pizza) and I realized that instead of studying (boring, research, nursing) like I should have been, I had spent the day leveling up. So I sat down with the laptop (Dell, busted, Freddie) to go over some notes, but was side tracked by the notion of blogs (internet, writing, news, personal).

There’s a wealth of information out there.  Too much of it most of the time (TMI). Minute by minute news updates, RSS feeds of every description, wikis and of course blogs.  And sometimes, it can be just a tad overwhelming (time consuming, fascinating, insane), but I’m not complaining.  I love the internet and so I set out to institute my own blog, with more information about me and everything than you ever wanted to know.

And then I’m going to head off to the Linear Park (playground, swings, trees) to read “How to Brew” (ISBN-10, 0-937381-88-8) until dinner time.  So until tomoro, Peace!

About SleepieBear

Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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