Cibell Troad

She had always known that this moment would come.  She knew it would be bad and had prepared.  Cibell knew karate and had a black belt.  She could hunt and fish and repair an engine.  She could cook and sew.  She had first aid certifications and a slew of college credit for electives in everything from chemistry, to zooology.  She hadn’t known what it would be, how or when it would happen, but she was twenty four and driving to work when the radio stopped working. 

First one station, then another, as one by one equipment failed or people just got bored and left.  Maybe others would not have worried, but the second it happened Cibell knew that this was thing that she had worried about her whole life.  When she first heard the awful silence of dead air Cibell was afraid, but she had planned and prepared for this moment and so she didn’t panic.  She reprogrammed her GPS, grateful that for the most part satelites required very little human help, and began driving.  Her emergency bag was in the car, along with her books and her equipment so there was no need to go home.  There was one flaw in Cibell’s plan, something she hadn’t accounted for.  Cibell was in love.  So she didn’t drive directly to the warehouse she had prepared in an old abandon town by the river.  First, she went to David’s house.



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