We need to talk…

In some movies, typically those of the romantic comedy genre, there is a girl who is dating an asshole.  And he’s an asshole for many reasons.  He doesn’t respect her, or maybe she really wants him to do this one thing for her and he wouldn’t do it for any amount of money.  Generally he’s an asshole because he doesn’t love her enough or in quite the way that he wants to be loved.  This is always made clear to you and yet before she can break up with him to be with the witty and charming hero who is not the asshole, the guy has to cheat on her.

As if the only reason to break up with someone is because they’re sleeping with someone else.  There are a million reasons to break up with someone.  And it doesn’t even have to be that they’re a bad person.  I forget why I needed to rant about this, but I was quite angry about the whole thing. 


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