I’ve started taking yoga.. maybe three months ago.  And that very first Tuesday when the instructor ended practice she said Namaste.  And she didn’t explain it that night, like she does now.  So I went home and looked it up. 

"The divine in me respects and honors the divine in you."

I can get behind that.  It’s about what I believe.  And it’s nice to know that one little word can express all that. 
I love my yoga class.  I love the way it burns and the way when it’s all over I feel… it’s better than sex.

I feel free and light and happie.

And there’s savasana.  Corpse pose… it sounds way better in sanskrit.
You lay on your back and sometimes there’s music and sometimes there’s a reading and you relax.

One of my friends once told me that they have like daydreams sort of during this.  They see a scene so vivid that it almost seems real.  Tonight for the first time I saw something.  I was laying on my bed just like I am now.  LIke I do every night.  And suddenly the giant window was gone and I was rushing over the city lights. Swinging around the tall buildings and just keep going.  And I know it’s cold outside, I can feel it on my skin, but I’m not cold.  I’m just soaring out into the night and the lights are fading more and more until it’s all highways and trees.  And I know I’m headed somewhere good.  Somewhere safe and cozie.  Somewhere home.  And I see farms all spread out below me, only the houses with any lights.  My stomach grazed some weeds or corn… And on the horizon more lights.  They come up beneath me so fast.  Still silent though and I know where I am.  I’m gliding over the small city and suddenly I’m at an intersection at the top of a hill and I can feel a joyful pressure building inside me and I’m flying down the hill towards the house I know is there…

It’s like coming home.

And everytime I think about it, I can still feel that feeling. 
Yoga tonight was awesome.


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