Magic Hat and Med Surg

I could claim that they’re the perfect pair, but I’m drinking Roxy Roulles and I’d really prefer a #9 or a Circus Boy.  Still, I’m laying on my cloud and it’s a good night.  I’m working a lovely buzz and laying on my Cloud.  I’m frankly amazed that I have enough words inside me these days for three blogs, but I can see that it helps, even if it does eat into my evening. 

If anyone has any suggestions about PDA phones that are NOT the iPhone, I’m very interested in your opinions.  Also, if you care to post the name of your favorite dessert I would really appreciate it.  Midterms are coming up so quick and I’ve got my Snow Ball to look forward to.  I am a beautiful and unique snow flake.

And now loves, I know it’s a dissapointment, but I’m going to have to abandon you to the things you really ought to be doing.  Get busy.  I’m going to have another beer and a third helping of Med Surg.  What a life I live.



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Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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