The things you love…

burritos, books, blue icees, jeeps, thunderstorms, fireworks, marching bands, cats, cloud, and freddie. 


the things you love, make you who you are.  It’s funnie tho think that because I love burritos and non chicken ceasar salads, that I’m a different person, but it’s true.

The things you love inspire you and change you and drive you.

People write poetry, and do great deeds and fight, because of the things they love.
And maybe no ones has ever fought for their right to eat a steak burrito, or to sleep in a certain bed, but maybe they have.  Maybe they’ve written a poem or had a great thought, and maybe that’s all love really is.

My love of burritos isn’t going to make me a better person.  But it’s going to make me different.

I think that the things you love.  They make you who you are.  And you can own a small piece of those things. 

Loving things, it makes you vulnerable, it makes you more open to attack, but it gives you hope.  And courage. 

and in a small way, no one can ever take away from you the things that you really love.


About SleepieBear

Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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