It’s not…

It’s not that I love you… I just love to fuck you.

The words make it easy to do this one more time.  They make it easy to be here with you.  These words make it easy for me to kiss you, and hold you and want you. 

These words are a lie.

I’m leaving you.  You don’t know it now, but I do it like this, I’m going to get up and get dressed and walk out your door.  You won’t hug me or kiss me, or beg me not to leave.  You won’t notice my absence or regret the things that caused it.  I won’t be back.  It’s something I know the second I close the door.  I can’t come back here.

I’ve always said that everything that people do is selfish.  You take the best that you can get, with the best you have to offer.  You might be offering money, but more often it’s time and energy and emotion.  You give out the things that you have and in return you get the things you want.  Sometimes those things aren’t worth it anymore.  And suddenly something you’ve always wanted, becomes something you can’t want again.

” But I don’t want it – No!
I can’t want it anymore”

Doesn’t mean I won’t miss you.


About SleepieBear

Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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