Random Shout Outs

You know how you see people during the day that you’d love to know more about, but there isn’t time or it’s not convenient or finding out would be creepily stalkerish?  Well I’ve been thinking about this.  About the people I see who I’d love to talk to, but for one reason or another just don’t.  And I know they have those personal ads where you say you saw such and so doing whatever at a certain place and maybe, if the planets align you get in touch with them.  I wanted to add another level of difficulty to it, so instead of posting my little hellos in a public forum, I decided to post them here, where no one ever goes.

Feel free to post your own.

The boy in the forest green Land Rover on route 30 headed west at about 11 am this morning, near Wynnewood.  You looked adventurous, I wanted to know where you were going.

The woman eating lunch at the Bertucci’s near Elliot Ave. and Lancaster Ave. around noon today.  You have giant boobs, and you’re so thin.  Are they real?

 So if either of you ever read this, let me know.  If not… it was good to see you.  Ciao.


About SleepieBear

Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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