Beautiful Fool

So Jim’s out of town for a week and I’m watching Comedy Central like it might go off air tomoro.  Daily Show comes on and at the end or towards the middlesome man comes on who wrote a book called Common Wealth.  It was all about how if we all just cooperated then the troubles of the world would end. 

And at this point you’re probably going “DOI!” 

I mean it takes an educated man to come up with this?

2000 years ago some carpenter’s son came up with that very idea.  Why can’t we all just get along?

You know what they did to him?  They nailed him to a big fucking hunk of wood.

As we join together to celebrate his death tomoro.  We need to come to the realization that sure it’d be grand if we all got along, but people are people and you’re just as likely to get nailed to something heavy as you are to get a hug.  Happy easter!

In completely unrelated news, Check out the Straight Dope.  It’s completely awesome.


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