The return of the storie

So here she was again, a place she promised herself she would never come back to.  As that thought ran through her head she thought of everytime she had promised that exact same thing and how many times she had broken that promise.  She knew now that she needed him in a desprate primal way and that there would be no denying it ever again.  When he opened the door she didn’t even bother to pretend she didn’t want him.

She rose on her toes and kissed him.  All the desperation, need and confusion she fel pouring into him through her warm soft lips.  His arms came around her in those hugs of his that she loved so much.  He kissed her back as if the past month hadn’t happened, as if the world did not exist.  And when they were together like this, she could believe it.  How could the world she knew continue on when something as wild and improbable as this could happen?

As he drug her backward into the living room closing the door behind them she smiled up at him.

“Miss me?”

“I did.”

He sits on the sofa and she straddles his lap placing her lips over his again.  Letting the warmth be all that exists, just for a moment.  Her lips move down his neck and shoving his shirt over his head come to rest on his shoulders.  Her hands are moving over his smooth soft skin, memorizing every inch of him.  Her head sinks into his lap her breath warming the bulge in his jeans.  She glances up at him and he is staring down at her.



Note to Self:  Look into the Public Health Service.


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