It’s funny how I can make the world boring

Terry Pratchett once wrote that the human mind is amazing.  Not because it thought up calculus or literature, but because it could make things boring.  In a world where a million incredible things are happening I can lay on my bed and type and think this is normal.  It’s not boring so much as it is mundane.  We invented routine.  People sleep in beds.  THis is normal.  People go to work or school because this is normal.  It’s a special kind of insanity when you think about it.  OUr heads aren’t big enough to contain a world as exciting as ours, so we turn it into term papers and bills and apartment and lovers. 

The thing that made me realize this is an article on cosmology I read.  I may not have understood it properly but it’s incredible tot hink that these people can do complicated math and understandthe big bang would say this sort of stuff.

But ultimately what made me realize this was the quote of the day today.  It read, “Dance like it hurts,/ Love like you need money,/ Work when people are watching.
Scott Adams

Now I was pretty sure that I knew who Scott Adams was, The Dilbert guy, so I checked out the rest of his quotes.  Hysterical.  So I googled him and he’s got his own blog


BIDET to YOU sir!


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