Do Nothing

I’ve started a new book.  Do Nothing by Tom lutz… so far soo good.

I talked to Juli Little today.  It’s odd the way one thing can put all the other things in your life into perspective.    People aren’t who you pretend they are and they never will be.

Anias Nin said “We do not see people as they are, we see them as we are”

It’s funny to think that all the bad we see in people is the bad we see in ourselves.  And the good too.  When you admire something in someone aren’t you admiring that quality in you that allows you to see it.  I don’t know.  I geuss it’s just that you learn to look at people in a certain way.

You look at a boy you’ve always known as smart and funny and outgoing and brave.  Someone who lives life properly and sees the joke.  And you realize that maybe it was never like that.  Or maybe it was and he’s changed.  He works to hard or not hard enough and he’s not miserable or happy and he’s not as good at saying what he means as you always thought he was and he lies just like everyone else.

And you look at a girl that you never thought was bad, but never thought was good either.  You thought she was pretending to be holier than thou and uppity and really she was just trying to be the sort of person that she thinks is good and right and proper.  And maybe she didn’t do a good job, but maybe she did just well enough. 

Maybe two people who thought they had nothing in common had more in common than they thought.  And maybe two people who thought they had alot in common had less in common than they thought.

It’s strange how things in life work out so that the people you meet and the people you stay friends with are never the same person.  And perhaps it’s because they’ve changed, but maybe it’s because you have.

Isn’t life funny. 


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