In honor of MLK

Current mood:giddy

Monday as you may well be aware is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. The bank is closed on this day, as are most schools. And thus, in honor of this day, last night, I too had a dream. I was standing an a beach… a Jersey beach. I’d know that coastline anywhere. I was minding my own business, appraoching the water at a dead run when In front of me appeared about 40 dollars of rolled dimes. They were human sized and began to beat me unmercifully with their paper clad bodies. I started swinging and, not without damage to myself, I shoved through them. Beyond them though, was a group of rolled nickles. (I’d say another forty dollars worth, maybe fifty.) And they rushed at me. Again I fought, but they were strong, and they were kicking my ass. Out of nowhere, Rick appears and beats them all. I manage to thank him profusely before he dissappears… Only after I dive into the waves do I wake. So I’m not all that idealistic, sue me.


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Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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