The Movie Sex Theory

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Today is a good day for movie sex. In my opinion, movie sex is the best sex ever. And I was explaining this to Ashley as we sat in the library studying for our finals. And thus… The Movie Sex Theory. Movie sex is not premeditated. It is completely unplanned. There need not be porn, or steamy shower scenes. Movie sex is innocent, lust filled sex. You’re lying there, cuddling… the occasional kisses… a groping hand or two. And suddenly it seems that Bad Boys II is just not enough to keep you occupied. You need something else… hence the movie sex. You’re riding away as Shrek rescues the princess, you reach orgasm right before Jackie Chan saves the world. You’re getting your second wind just as Mr. Blonde hacks off that guys ear. The movie doesn’t matter. Any movie will do. Try it. Pick a movie at random, find someone you don’t despise and have a good time. For more on The Movie Sex Theory try this

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