Now I don’t know if that means I should stop capitalism or if I should stop because of capitalism. It’s one of those unsolved mysteries in life. However I didn’t stop. I kept going… all damn day. Utrecht in the AM with my arrival back on campus coinciding nicely with the lunching hour. So I stopped at the Thread and grabbed some grub. Woot Woot… then I pounded pavement to get back to the dorm so I could finish my science paper and change before Karate. Karate I must say was lovely… we didn’t stop moving once, my body is killing me. And there was a gorgeous hunk of man meat in a tank top. You gotta appreciate the details. The boy had lovely shoulders…

And then I finished my paper and typed it out, grabbed a soda and off to Worlds of Lit we go. Mr. Music can talk like nobody’s business… definately doesn’t remind me of jess’ dad in that sense. Finished my soda with ten mins or so left of class and stared into spece for a bit. The man is incomprehensible. Dashed out of the room just in time to see the Rm Van pulling to a stop, but a quick glance to my right tells me theres no way in hell I’m getting on that bus. So I walk… gimping across campus for ten mins… making just enough speed to see the second Van pull away from Tuttleman. Finally make it to Hayward just in the nick of time Class was pretty boring… not too suprising… I gotta read two chapters of Science now, but at least the papers done. I’ve also got two books of the Odessy to finish, 5 sketches to do, about 60 math problems, and the book Revolutionizing Motherhood to read.

Time is definatly one of those non renewable resources. But at least the networks back up… Thank God for small miracles.

Lets get it on til the break of dawn
Til the break of dawn, lets get it on…


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