Happie New Year

It’s here… first time I ever thought to wonder why we celebrate this holiday. Not that I’m complaining. I think actaully that it’s not that bad a holiday… you don’t have to decorate, there’s no presents to buy… the only thing to worry about really is that kiss you’re supposed to get at midnight… but I figure you either get it or you don’t. I wasn’t so lucky this year.

Still it is kinda wierd if you think about it, not like things look any different after midnight has come and gone. And really the only kind of serious tradition New Years has is Auld Lang Syne, Dick Clarke, The Kiss, The Cheers, The Noise and The Resolutions… ok I geuss it is alot, but still. So maybe I should make some resolutions… I don’t know what I would say… I mean I know I”m not perfect of course, but what do you say? I resolve to be a better person. I resolve to be the best friend daughter and suchforth that I can… I resolve? to what? O well… here goes nothing…

I, Sara E. Ferenchak, resolve to do what I think is really and truly right at all times, no matter what it might mean. I resolve to be patient and honest and kind and as much as I can be a good and virtuous person.

Sounds good huh? Well wish me luck. It’s tough to change who you are… takes alot of time and patience. So last year I wrote a lovely poem for New Years… I enjoyed it any way… This is it:

Something new has come again,
so that the old may fade away.
Leaving only memories
and dreams of yesterday.

Tomorrow brings the future,
a twisty unwalked path.
While today holds only certainty.
How I wish that it would last.

Soon the clock will strike,
and everyone will shout,
merry, joyful, happy sounds,
but still all filled with doubt.

For who knows where yesterday goes,
when it comes his turn to die?
And who sees what tomorrow knows,
who has that powerful sight?

So when the clock strikes midnight,
and the old shall pass away,
I will wait for morning light,
to cheer for the new day.

So this year… I’m trying again.

Gone again, it fades away
Passing with the end of the day
Another trip around the sun
Another year of tears and fun

I’ve loved and lost and loved again
I’ve wept and laughed and made new friends
We’ve risen to the morning sun
and slept again to waning moon

Now the New Year has begun
But that doesn’t mean the end has come
Long ago and auld lang syne
are never really far from mind

Another trip around the sun
Another year of tears and fun
But now it’s time for the New Year
Fare thee well Auld Lang Syne my Dear

It hasn’t been the best year of my life, but it’s been a good one. Love to you all… Bear… Timmers… Ang. To the Ladie. Love…


About SleepieBear

Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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