Into the Final Stretch

and I do mean stretch… the week seems longer the days pass slower seconds don’t tick by quite so fast. Maybe I’m going crazy. I finished my art final tonight… it’s not too bad, at least I like it. I’m currently studying for my history final which is also tomorrow. Gotta hate those bloody Romans. The first emporer of the Roman Empire… a well educated man, known as Octavian, or Caesar Agustus… had a saying… “Make haste, slowly.” It’s enough to drive a girl mad. I just read about Roamn contraception… like they thought of something we didn’t… they invented the diaphagm and the condom… though they used wool and goat bladders. I’m glad we’ve advanced a bit. Though my favorite was “coitus interruptus” or as you may know it… the pull out method. Latin makes anything sound fancy.

Weekend wasn’t too shabby. Had a kick ass “party” saturday night and I went furniture shopping with the Ladie tonight… it was pretty fun. My room has managed to remain fairly clean and the house is all prettied up for Christmas… i’m pretty excited. Gotta take a few things back and get a few more things… it’ll be lots of fun. Happy Finals… or Congratulations if you’re finished. Much love and Much Ciao…


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