So it begins thus it ends

You know that song Closing TIme by Semisonic? “Every new beging is some other beginings end”… and it’s true, everyone knows it is. And that truth is what causes all the problems. Because why can’t we have both… how do you chose… such forth and so on. Hence the word regret… but you know you don’t have to go around regretting everything you do… don’t second geuss yourself at every turn it’s not worth it and it’s painful. Well what if I had done this or that or the other thing? Go on people be firm in your decisions.. they may not be prefect, but that’s the beauty of life… (I looked for this lovely thing I read about Jackson Pollock once, but I cna’t find it)

The semester is ending last classes are friday and then a week of finals… I’m glad, but I’m sad too. I’ll miss it… that and I’m horrendously stressed by the suddenly large amount of work I have. That’s the way it goes… I’ll miss the Circle and the Grand High Nelson and charles the Violent. I’ll miss that kid in my math class, who’s name is Ryan by the way. I’ll miss Sean from English and the passion of my math teacher… I’ll miss that lovely two hour nap that I got in Psych and History… but it’s nice to be going.

On a more cheerful note… go out and find everything you can on Francis Bacon… You can’t help but loving that man. We were watching this kick ass movie of an interview of him in art class… the man is hysterical. He’s drunk all the time, but that isn’t why it’s so great… it’s what he says… great quotes such as:

“I’m profoundly optimistic about nothing.” ~Francis Bacon

“I believe in a deeply ordered chaos.” ~Francis Bacon

I mean really how much better can you get. Here you have a man who is optimistic. Very optimistic about nothing at all. And deeply ordered chaos? What’s not to love? And it only gets better…

Interviewer: I notice you paint alot of your figures coupled. Why do you like showing couples of that nature?
Francis Bacon: Well, there’s less talking. People are quieter.

Cynical? Maybe. Truthful? Sure. Funny? As hell.

Another lovely part came toward the end of the movie when Bacon anounces: I like men.
Charles the Violent immeadiatly turns to Nelson: Is he gay?
Grand High Nelson: Not anymore. He’s dead.

You gotta admire that sort of glib response. It’s an art form and it’s alot funnier then making big decisions.

I did like the ones he gave later on… I’m not sure how he meant them, but ti’s easy to see where he got them and maybe just maybe there’s a bit of truth to them. Well more then a bit.

“From birth to death there’e nothing but the violence of life.” ~ GHN paraphrasing Bacon

“Reality is pain.” ~Francis Bacon

Well as sad as I am to leave you I’ve got much to do today… a drawing, an evil demon possesed drawing… a paper, an evil english possesed paper and clean… cleaning isn’t possesed by anyhitng it’s just inherently evil… So I’m gonna go do some evil… wish me luck.


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