O Christmas Tree!!!

Long time no blog… not like I didn’t have anything to say… I’m just a bum. Today was Christmas tree day. Every year my dad and I go up to the place on Little Rd. and pick out a tree. So we trimmed it up and it’s in the house all ready for decorating.

Yesterday the New York trip with Grand High Nelson, the Circle and Charles the Violent was cancelled, so that was sadness. Wasn’t a bad day though. Got up and shoveled the driveway with Pops while the Ladie was at work. My shoulders are still a bit sore. Then I played in the snow with little kitty for a bit. Ladie came home and we went to the mall and the movies for lunch and a booklet of movie certificates. Then I helped her clean the house so we could put the tree in its right spot. The rents went out for dinner with some people and Jess and I went to all kinda of stores to get odds and ends. I picked up a Christmas present or two and I may go back today to get another. I had a lovely time talking to peoples and working on my comic… I’m slow so sue me.

Pops made soup today too and that’s always good. Well the trees up so maybe I’ll decorate it, maybe I’ll go the mall… I should really be cleaning my room , but I’m feeling lazy, maybe I’ll go run or put my clothes away… who knows.


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