Life is my personal roller coaster

So today started out pretty blah… snoozed through most of english… fell asleep through part of math, but woke up just in time for notes. Damn but I’m good. I got a 90 percent on my math test. That’s an A for those of you who didn’t know. Almost makes up for that 68 a few weeks back. Perhaps I never mentioned this, but if you know me you’ve heard me talk about him. There’s this kid in my math class in a wheelchair, brown eyes, geogeous smile and the kid’s hysterical… I’ve had something of a crush on him since class began, well today he stops me after class, says ,”There’s soemthing I’ve been meaning to tell you. You have the best body I have ever seen.” No Kidding, thats what he said. I didn’t know weather to be embarrassed or to kiss the boy. Told me he’d regret not saying anything. I’ve never been so happy… well, no, that’s not right, but I was DAMN happy. After class Jess and I were supposed to go to the mall but he had a bit of a problem so I picked him up we did a quick fix job on his car, he skipped class and we patrolled the mall looking for Christmas presents. I found two. Both pretty decent. Now I need Jess, Jay, Mom and Dad. Life is good … and bad… it evens out.


About SleepieBear

Opinions are my own. Facts are poorly checked. (Unless cited.) Use your brains.
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